Seeking: A New Biz Name

First, Happy Holidays! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday you and your family might celebrate.  I hope that 2011 is a healthy, happy and successful year for you and your friends/family.

What it was

Instead of providing you with some tidbit of information, I’m writing today to ask you all for a favor.  As you might have noticed by my updated “About” page, I’ve changed the focus of what was once known as Campaignerships. Originally, the idea behind Campaignerships was to connect nonprofits working on similar campaigns all while incentivizing these collaborative efforts.

After much soul-searching…actually, more like discussions…I’ve decided to change the focus of the business I’m in the process of starting.

What it is

Now, I am taking the business into the field of mobile apps. I won’t be going into too much detail, but essentially I want to help nonprofits build mobile applications that they can share with their supporters. Many nonprofits – both big and small – are lacking in the realm of technology, especially mobile technology. Whether it’s adapting their websites to allow access via mobile devices or creating mobile apps, most nonprofits aren’t up with the times.  I want to help change that.

Here’s where you come in

I’m currently trying to come up with a new name for the company and I’d love your help! I’d like the name to be fairly straight forward – when someone hears the name, they understand what we do – and here are some terms I’d love to include:

  • Mobile
  • Social Good
  • Cause(s)

Obviously I can’t include all of those terms, but if you can help me come up with a business name with at least one of those terms (or even half of the term, i.e. Mobil vs. Mobile), I’d be forever grateful! Leave your ideas in the comment section or feel free to e-mail me.

I’d love your help!


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