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5 Facebook Giving Campaign Success Stories

Found this story on Mashable a few days ago, and thought people would find it interesting. Written by Sarah Kessler, it highlights five great organizations who used Facebook to create fundraising campaigns. What do you think of these campaigns? Had you heard of them before?

Article5 Facebook Giving Campaign Success Stories.


Love is Louder: The Great Partnership

Back in September our country was rattled by multiple youth suicides within 2 weeks. Within a matter of a week, five students – all under the age of 20 – took their lives because they were bullied due to their sexual preferences.

We were (and very much still are) in the midst of an epidemic of  bullying.  Kids as young as 5 are the victims of bullying that can continue all the way up through college and in the work place.  While some are able to endure and cope with the daily pain that comes with being the victim of bullying, others are not.  The saddest part about this epidemic is that it’s 100% preventable.  We can prevent it.

Instead of sitting idly by, waiting for others to react, actress Brittany Snow and Courtney Knowles, Executive Director of the JED Foundation, took a stand. With MTV‘s help, they created Love is Louder.

Why am I telling you all about Love is Louder?  Not because they grew to about 20,000 Facebook fans within 1 month and have about 10,000 Twitter followers.  It’s also not because of the amazing job they’re doing in spreading awareness with things like the Twitter hashtag #loveislouder.  It’s because of how they formed the campaign.

Courtney and Brittany could have done the legwork for Love is Louder on their own.  They could have created the Facebook page, Twitter account, and spread the word with just the two of them.  However, instead of flying solo, they chose a different route: collaboration.  Before launching the campaign, they reached out to 10 different groups: Active MindsAd CouncilBringChange2Mind.org,DoSomething.orgLiz Claiborne Inc.’s Love is Not AbuseReach OutStomp Out Bullying!The Trevor ProjectTo Write Love on Her Arms and Wired Safety.  Now, all of these organizations are campaign partners.

Wow.  Needless to say, they have many organizations collaborating with them. I love seeing that happen – don’t you?!

Not only did they successfully implement partnerships with other organizations, they have a unique approach to their branding – unlike most organizations. They have decided to allow anyone use the phrase “Love is Louder”, along with the logo and promotional materials, as long as it’s for a good cause.  Do you want to raise money for AIDS in Africa? #LoveisLouder. Have you always dreamed about doing a walk-a-thon for cancer? #LoveisLouder.

Three months later, with outstanding partnerships in place, the campaign is still alive and stronger than ever.  Remember, spread the message that love is louder.  It’s louder than hatred. Louder than bullying. Louder than pessimism. Louder than all negativity.

Interested in finding out how to join the movement?  Click here.  Also, be sure to check out Love is Louder in the following places (and buy a t-shirt):

WebsiteTwitter | Facebook

Vote It Up: Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

My friends over at the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) are in the running for $250,000 this month! Well, they were in the running last month as well but lost by only 3 SPOTS – it was a sad, sad day. To make up for the fact that most of you didn’t vote for CABF everyday last month, they’re giving you the chance to make up for it.

CABF is back in the running for the Pepsi’s Refresh Project and the lovely $250,000.  Why should you vote for them and not the other 500 groups in the running?  Well, here’s what they plan on using the moola for:

  • Expand awareness of depression & bipolar disorder in youth
  • Educate parents about symptoms and treatments
  • Enlighten the public about teen suicide
  • Eliminate the stigma associated with childhood mental illness
  • Extend hope to families raising children with a mental illness

With plans like these, how can you refuse to vote for them?

One incentive they’re throwing into the mix is that you’re eligible to win 1 of 3 FREE iPads if they win the contest, so make sure you sign-up to receive the daily e-mail reminders.  Yep, it’s a free iPad. That’s $500 you don’t have to spend yourself on something you’ll end up getting anyways.  Think about what you can do with the $500 you don’t spend on an iPad because you won one from CABF.  Personally, I’d buy a dog.

Just one reminder: in this competition, you need to vote everyday! To remind all of you good-doers, CABF is pulling out all of the stops.  You can receive voting reminders via e-mail from CABF by going here.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Vote for them here.

P.S. – You can connect with CABF on Facebook and Twitter (@bpkids). They’re fun to follow and won’t annoy you (like I do). Promise.

Jumo (not a made up word)

There has been a plethora of media around this epic event, so you’ve probably heard about this new website.  If not, you’re lucky enough to be hearing about it from me!

On Tuesday Chris Hughes, Co-Founder of Facebook, launched his newest venture – Jumo (a Yoruba word meaning “together in concert”).  As described on their website, Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world.  I must confess to you all: I started using Jumo as soon as it launched on Tuesday, so I think I can explain what Jumo does for the most part.

What does Jumo do? Why is it important?  More importantly, why is it labeled under “Cool Stuff”?

Yay, I made it to the Jumo homepage!  Now what?

Very good question. Although, if you can’t figure that out, maybe you should just stick to Facebook (just kidding, Mom). No, but seriously, just click “Sign Up” and you’re all set! Just as a heads up – you can only use Jumo if you have a Facebook account.

Not only can you follow non-profits, but overall causes as well.  Those of you who know me can probably figure out what cause I began following right off-the-bat: mental health. From there, I can find the various projects and organizations listed under this cause as well as find my fellow mental health advocates.  They’ve created pages for virtually every cause both on a micro and macro level, including: homelessness, peace, governance, freedom of the press…and the list goes on (and on, and on). Aside from following an overall cause, you can also follow non-profit organizations, projects, and other users on Jumo.

One word of caution: follow the causes you truly care about.  I’ve found you can easily get carried away and find it in your warm heart to follow almost EVERY cause they’ve listed! It came to the point where I was telling myself “why, yes, I’d like to follow World Faith,” and realized I was in too far.

Really, what’s the big deal?

Jumo is a site unlike any other.  Aside from Facebook. Oh, and MySpace.

No, seriously, it truly is an incredible website.  Yes, it has similar characteristics to Facebook and MySpace, however the Jumo mission is much different.  While Facebook is working to create a more “open web“, Jumo’s vision is more along the lines of social good.  Chris and his team believe that Jumo will make it easy to:

  1. Find the issues and organization you care about
  2. Follow the latest news and updates
  3. Support their work with your time, money and skills.

All culminating in their belief that “Together we can speed the pace of global change”.

I think we need to talk…

It’s time for me to come clean.  I’ve been signed up for Jumo e-mail alerts since the spring.  I became extremely curious about the site a while back and knew it would be a very cool site (although I had no idea what exactly it would be – they were very tight-lipped).  I personally believe that Jumo is going to revolutionize the way we interact with non-profit organizations and social good campaigns.  As Chris said in one of his many interviews, following an organization on Jumo will be the first step in a long relationship, which might lead to that individual donating to the organization.  Jumo certainly has the potential to help organizations boost donations and gain followers/supporters.

Now that you all have some insight as to what Jumo does, start an account and follow me here (chances are I’ll follow you back)!  Be sure to come back and let me know what you think of Jumo in the comments section.

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